Episode 15

Published on:

13th Jan 2021

Episode #15: Whimsy and Spontaneity

Coincidence, whim, spontaneity, gut instinct... all phrases that you might not associate with being fully focussed. Of course, that would be simply because we normally don't understand what proper focus us!

So, in this episode we explore some - not all, it's going to take a few episodes! - of the places you will discover some of the most importance signposts that you need to follow on the route to living the kind of life you'd love.

Some signposts are external - like the coincidences we've been exploring. Some are internal - like gut instinct. And none of them comes from your thinking mind!

So, buckle up as we continue our journey into the wonderful world of how the wonderful world really works.

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To Succeed... Just Let Go
The psychology of success and happiness... change how you think to change your life
Learn how to change how you think in this heavy-duty light-hearted show where I’ll teach you how to start living the kind of life you’d really love - I’ve been teaching my clients just that since 1996... you’ll meet some of them on the show.
I’m Willie Horton and I’m a psychologist - originally from Dublin Ireland, I live the kind of life I love… in the French Alps. Each week we’ll be exploring what I’ve been exploring in my weekly videos since 2008… but in the kind of easy detail that will make sure you start taking action straight away.
The really cool news is: what you need to do to change you life is breathtakingly simple - oooh and it’s all validated by the very latest in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
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Willie Horton

I’m Willie Horton and I’m a psychologist. Since 1996 I’ve been helping my clients and followers all over the world change how they think - that changes their perspective and their lives… and it’s transformational.

I’m originally an accountant and banker, from Dublin Ireland, now living in the French Alps (I know a bit about transformation too) and I can tell you how to change your life one simple step at a time (there are really only two steps).

Hope you take one of those steps today.