Episode 88

Published on:

8th Jun 2022

Life Stories - Your Health Is Your Wealth

Over the last couple of years, we've spent a lot of time talking about how to develop your ability to control your state of mind and, then, "set your mind" in a manner that enables you harness your own inner power to create the kind of life you'd love to live.

In this episode, we explore what that means for your physical health and well-being. Can your mind manage your health? Can you heal yourself? How does your state of mind impact your body? And how does "setting your mind" enable you overcome the apparently unovercommable?

The fact of the matter is that we live in a world where the old expression "mind over matter" is proven again and again to be true. In this episode I explore some of the Life Stories of people who are the living proof.

And, one more thing, over the next couple of weeks I'll be telling more Life Stories as we get to a point where you can embrace the opportunity to write the Life Story you'd love... for you.

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To Succeed... Just Let Go
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Learn how to change how you think in this heavy-duty light-hearted show where I’ll teach you how to start living the kind of life you’d really love - I’ve been teaching my clients just that since 1996... you’ll meet some of them on the show.
I’m Willie Horton and I’m a psychologist - originally from Dublin Ireland, I live the kind of life I love… in the French Alps. Each week we’ll be exploring what I’ve been exploring in my weekly videos since 2008… but in the kind of easy detail that will make sure you start taking action straight away.
The really cool news is: what you need to do to change you life is breathtakingly simple - oooh and it’s all validated by the very latest in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
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Willie Horton

I’m Willie Horton and I’m a psychologist. Since 1996 I’ve been helping my clients and followers all over the world change how they think - that changes their perspective and their lives… and it’s transformational.

I’m originally an accountant and banker, from Dublin Ireland, now living in the French Alps (I know a bit about transformation too) and I can tell you how to change your life one simple step at a time (there are really only two steps).

Hope you take one of those steps today.